On Using Twitter Effectively

Twitter is an dope platform if used well. Period.

I became really active on Twitter in July last year and to be honest, it changed my life and worldview and connected me to an amazing bunch of people.

My first real introduction to Silicon Valley happened through Twitter. Here I came across a bunch of people such as Sar Haribhakti, Aashay SanghviRichard Burton and many more!

I found some cool communities such as Ambitious Guide, The I.I, Indie Hackers and several more. Simply put, the majority of people I hangout with these days are the ones I met on Twitter.

That’s a story for some other day.

For now,I have compiled some links and examples for you to help you use Twitter effectively:-

  1. Why Twitter is Dope and How To Use It by Nikhil Krishnan

2. Twitter Guide by Lama Al Rajih

This is the best how to guide for Twitter. Check – https://docs.google.com/document/d/18ozu7cTz3Wa1TryuNS8n5hhAenXad_RtoBm0E5d4mTQ/

3. Tweets by Sar Harbhakti

Tweets Pay Off

Favorite lines from this article:-

Twitter is your resume. A personal blog is your cover letter.

4. Ruben Harris On Breaking Into Tech

Breaking Into StartupsFrom Cello to Investment Banking

Favorite Graphic from the article:-

Image for post

5. We wouldn’t have a wonderful product like Product Hunt without Twitter.

6. Blake Robbins on how we used Twitter to become a VC at 22 years old. He has a dope Twitter profile too. Go follow him.

Tweets, Awkward Suits, and Hustle: How I Became a VC in Detroit at 22As of last week, I have been at Ludlow full-time for a little over 3 months. I wrote a small post announcing that I was…medium.com

7. One more from Tyler Hogge

A LinkedIn message, an email, and a tweetThe lucky story of how I wound up at my dream job(s) in Silicon Valleymedium.com

See, how he ended up getting a job at WealthFront.

Image for post
Image for post

8. Bill Gurley recommends Twitter in his famous speech “Running Down a Dream”

But, and for those of you who were here yesterday, I think there is a much more incredible resource, not an alternative, you should do this and Twitter. Twitter is the most amazing networking and learning network ever built. For someone that’s pursuing their dream job or chasing a group of mentors or peers it’s remarkable. In any given field 50% to 80% of the top experts in that field are in Twitter, and they’re sharing ideas, and you can connect to them and follow them in your personal feed. If you get lucky enough and say something they find interesting they might follow you. The reason this becomes super-interesting is that unlocks direct message. Now all of a sudden you can communicate directly electronically whenever you want with that individual, very, very powerful. If you’re not using Twitter you’re missing out. I don’t even own any shares anymore.[Source]


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