Interesting Things I learned/came across, I don’t know why

So, Yes. I have been taking an absurd amount of notes in my Roam over the past few months. Turns out, I read a FUCKING LOT. Even I don’t know why. But anyway, I thought I will just dump a bunch of stuff here and see if people actually like it. So, LFG.

  1. On Difference between Service and Hospitality

2. Spotify has a Personality? Robinhood has a Personality? How?

3. TIL that the 10K Steps/Day Meme Became a thing Because A Japanese Pedometer Company thought the Character for 10,000 万) looks like a Person Walking. LMAO.

4. Haruki Murakami’s Daily Routine is pretty DOPE.

5. Why do we dream?

  • Traditionally, sleep researchers have said that dreaming is a way of replaying moments from our waking life. Though our “learning neurons” fire more during sleep, new research indicates that the theory falls short for two reasons: (1) replay is more associated with non-REM sleep than REM sleep, where the most intense narrative dreams happen, and (2) researchers can’t confirm that memories are actually being replayed.
  • Most of the time, people dream about experiences that haven’t happened. Dreaming memories is so rare that it’s an indicator of PTSD. Dreaming is more like deep learning. Instead of trying to remember a specific moment instantly, we try to generalize our learnings to be broadly applicable. Our brains don’t focus on specific experiences because that’d be a form of over-fitting, where we lean too much from a specific experience instead of generalizable lessons from it.
  • In the words of Michael Mayer: “The space of possibilities is wider than our experience set. Perhaps the purpose of dreams is to combine our experiences in novel ways to generate a wider training set for the mind.”You can’t randomize your experiences while you’re awake, so according to this theory, dreams give us self-generated “corrupted” inputs so we can generalize learning and improve performance in waking life.

6. PageRank is named after Larry Page, not web pages.

7. How to make your tweet go viral?

8. Joe Biden is a good boss

9. Internet is AWESOME

10. Go Spend Some Time on Reddit. It’s a beautiful place.

11. What are Schelling Points?

Schelling points are “Focal Points” in game theory, and they answer the question: ““Where do people just naturally go, in the absence of explicit communication?” The classic story to demonstrate the idea goes: you and a stranger, who you’ve never met and can’t speak with, have to find each other in New York City. Where do you go, and when?

12. SWIFT actually stands for: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications

13. Interesting Hiring Questions

14. I am a very big fan of Stripe

15. Bill Gurley’s Favorite “Go To Market” hack – Set Paid Parketing to $0.00. Instant Creativity!

16. New Spotify Feature Request

17. Note to Self

18. Stories have common arcs

19. One more reason why Stripe is AWESOME

20. Good Life

I don’t do edits really, so excuse typos and things that don’t make sense.

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2 thoughts on “Interesting Things I learned/came across, I don’t know why”

  1. “I don’t do edits really, so excuse typos and things that don’t make sense.”

    bro really? straight up copying from @hipcityreg’s substack. lmao that’s funny.


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